Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some trends should not be followed

If you're thinking of following the trend of the "slashed leggings", let me take a moment to highly discourage you.  Please do not follow this trend!  Whoever came up with this and labeled it a trend probably needs to get shot.  Chances are, Lindsay Lohan's or Mary Kate Olsen's (insert teeny bopper trend setter here) leggings ripped one day and rather than making a trip to the nearest store for some readily available and reasonable replacement pair, she decided to slash it with a knife for consistency and actually wore this out on the streets which caused it to catch on like wildfire among the teeny bopper population.

To make matters worse, now grown ups have taken to this trend!  This does not look good on ANYONE!  It takes trashy to a whole new level.  Remember when you stopped wearing belly button baring butterfly shirts after freshman year of college (I do sincerely hope that you stopped) because it was not acceptable to wear it anywhere after freshman year of college?  Well, it is also not acceptable to wear leggings that looked like they made an appearance in Saw I, II, III, IV, and V.  Yes we are still in recession and the job market is not looking too glittery this season.  Yet, things are not SO bad...yet!

If your leggings have runs in them, please please please run to your nearest Target or even Forver 21.  Target sells leggings for $6 and at Forever, you can probably buy them for half the price.  If you're thinking of actually going to Target to buy for $6, the "slashed leggings" which look like they've been through an industrial grade shredder - please DON'T DO IT!


Sonia said...

would love to read a new post from the birthday girl! can't wait for this weekend!

-Rani- said...

I agree! Ventilation belong on AC's not on leggings.