Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'd like a side of cashews with vampires and visitors please

new moon comes out tonight and I'm super excited. I had a little debate with myself in my head about whether or not I should knock off the hundred or so people in line including a few middle-schoolers (isn't it past their bed-time anyway?) to try and get good seats for the premier opening of new moon at midnight tonight. it's been cold and rainy all day and even though that makes it the perfect day for a vampire movie, i've been so spoiled by technology that i had no problems winning the debate (still in my head) against going to watch new moon on opening night. on a side note, the good part about having a debate in your head is that you usually end up winning no matter which side you pick except for those rare times when you're fighting yourself so hard that you seem to forget what the debate was for in the first place. anyway, i'd rather wait until the masses have stood in line, fought for seats (no you can't put your jacket there to hold seats for 15 people), and ended up watching it sitting next to total strangers who are practically holding their hands. no thank you! i don't want to share my joy at seeing bella and edward again with hundreds of people especially when i don't have.

you see, i've been totally spoiled by technology. at our home, we don't watch tv much if at all. the only reason we have cable at home is because i watch it...sometimes. the only three shows i actually watch are the amazing race (because it's awesome), project runway (because i'm obsessed with fashion), and top chef (because i'm obsessed with food). the reason i'm spoiled is because we believe in harnessing the power of technology in every corner of our house to make it as efficient and as technologically advanced as possible. even though i can't take credit for setting up any of it, i do thoroughly enjoy and reap in the benefits. we have tivo for the three shows i watch so that i never have to wait to see what happens next. i can just click on the next episode and then the next one and before you know it, in one weekend, i can literally be caught up with an entire season of my favorite show. then, there's hulu for trying out new shows. not every show is tivo worthy. so in order for me to decide whether or not i want to tivo a show, i will first watch a couple of episodes on hulu to see if it makes the cut. for example, previous seasons of mad men made the cut but the news season didn't and seems to just be more of the same. next up on my hulu list is a new abc show called "V" which has aliens and aliens are fourth on my "obsessed with the supernatural list" after ghosts, spirits, and vampires, in that order. therefore, i plan to test V out this weekend to see if it makes the tivo schedule cut. between cable, hulu and tivo, i'm so spoiled at home when it comes to watching shows that i now get to pick and choose which shows and how many episodes of that show i will watch (in the precious free time i have) plopped on the couch with my extra plush blankets and a bowl of edamames and cashews. i will not even delve into the extensive movie library we have at home or how our tvs and media players are all hooked up to powerful computers with their own servers because that's for another post. when you have technology giving you what you want when you want it, it really is hard to stand in line for seats that stay upright and you can't pause to go to the bathroom or to have a two hour long chat on the phone with your mom who is in india.