Friday, November 06, 2009

:: i've changed the layout and style of my blog partly because i needed some inspiration and partly because i was really bored with the old one. so, i decided to pick a new layout and style in the hopes that it will give me the much-needed jolt i needed to re-enter the blogging world. i wanted to keep it modern, clean, and simple. i also felt like my blog was light years behind the social networking hoopla so i've added some cute little icons. feel free to click around, explore, and link to your preferred medium of social networking! any other ideas you have on how to make this blog more aligned with web 2.0 features will be greatly appreciated. i'm still deciding between adding flash, new images, new fonts, and new capabilities. i mean at the end of the day, it's content that matters the most. where do you draw the line between trying to drive visitors to your blog and meaningful content? do you really have to choose one? i want to eat my cake too so any ideas on how to accomplish this seemingly impossible balance will be appreciated!

i have to admit that i've missed blogging. there's nothing as liberating as writing down your thoughts and knowing that you'll be able to share them with people by simply clicking publish. it's pretty exhilarating! i think i have taken it for granted all these years until i finally lacked the time to blog and then, i actually started to miss it. you mean nobody to read about the absolutely unbelievable day i just had? nobody to share with the cute notepads i just found which were such a bargain? noone to comment on the utter and sheer stupidity i encountered today? that's when i really started missing you guys! i even tried convincing myself that it's okay because noone (other than five other blogging friends) actually read this blog so the "nobody" count wouldn't really go up if i actually posted. then, a miracle happened! i logged in to see how many visitors i had one day and was quite taken back by the number. i still brushed it off as a one-time event, a fluke - they meant to visit the other "tania mukherji" and accidentally entered a dash in the middle ending up at my blog. however, it was the same the next day and even a month later, i was still getting visitors despite not having written a word. other than boosting my self-esteem it also served as the jolt i needed to get back on!

so here i am world and thank you for being so patient with me! you may notice a change in type of posts, subjects, and even voice because that's what happens when you grow up, you learn, you change and believe me when i say this - i've definitely grown a lot as a person in the last year! so here's to a whole new blog to show off a whole new me!